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Singer-songwriter Richie Madewell announced the release of his new Bond-esque single, ‘There Is No Time to Die,’ which went live on all streaming platforms on August 30th. This new song was independently recorded by Madewell and produced by Brodie Read. This song will pique the interest of listeners with Madewell’s powerful vocals, dark lyrics, and classic James Bond-style string arrangements.

“‘There Is No Time to Die,’ started as kind of a self-challenge. I’m a big fan of Chris Cornell and really liked ‘You Know My Name,’ the song he did for Casino Royale. When I heard a new Bond movie was coming out I challenged myself to make a Bond-style theme song just for fun and this is what I came up with,” Madewell explained. “This song is quite different from the rest of my music so I’m interested to see where it will go,” he continued.

Richie Madewell has been a part of the Seoul/Incheon indie music scene in South Korea since 2016. His range of influences, from Pearl Jam to Jeff Buckley and Nick Cave to the Indigo Girls, is clear as his voice ranges from light melodies to harsh growls all while he intricately strums and picks his way through each song on his guitar. He released his debut album, The Colors in My Dreams, in 2018.

Madewell is set to continue performing at local venues once Covid-19 restrictions have been lifted and he is currently working on his second album. Richie Madewell is on radio rotation with the track “There Is No Time To Die”

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