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Kavion Sabio is back on the scene with his fantastic new single, “Y.A.T.O.” It’s so much more than just a catchy track. In fact, this song aims to connect with the audience on a more profound level. Through his songwriting, Kavion has created something special for his listeners, giving them a place to escape their worries through music. “Y.A.T.O.” is precisely that; a safe haven for people to feel like they belong. It’s all about finding your self-affirming energy and standing up against abusers, bullies, and other toxic people which might undermine one’s stability and happiness.

Musically, this song has got a pure electro-pop vibe, which blurs the lines between different sonic aesthetics and ideas. What’s special about this track is that it combines some truly personal and important themes with a song that’s fun and easy to enjoy!

Kavion Sabio is on radio rotation with the track “Y.A.T.O.”


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