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Austin Mulka is a musician, martial artist, writer, and political activist from Detroit Michigan. He studied Philosophy, Economics, and Political Science at Hope College and worked as a policy intern in Criminal Justice reform before transferring to the University of Michigan to receive his degree in English and Literary Studies.

Austin writes all of his own music with guidance from friend and producer Nick Delbis. In addition to being a singer/songwriter, Austin also plays a variety of instruments including the guitar, piano, saxophone, drums/percussion, bass, and ukulele. In choir, Austin sang as a first tenor and a first bass.

When asked about leaving politics to pursue English he remarked: “The pen is mightier than the sword.”

He added: “I have nothing but kind words to say about everyone I worked with at SFL and CKI. It just wasn’t for me. My desire to help hasn’t changed. TV shows, movies, books, musicians, preachers, comedians – writers can have a profound impact on society and influence society in positive ways.”

Austin’s debut single, “Soul”, details an emotional story about a past relationship. He will release his first EP: “This is my Message to the World. Part 1: Life” by the end of 2019. The EP is a tribute to one of his favorite poets, Emily Dickinson, and makes references to John Keats, Jane Austin, and Emily Bronte.

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