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Austin based Hip-hop artist Khilla Keys has been making waves in the city and plans to shake up the scene with his new single, and second release of the year, “Dial Tone”. He’s been consistently on the scene, producing content and doing live performances for the past 6 years, growing in popularity and skill level. Keys’ upcoming single, “Dial Tone”, is a lyric heavy piece referencing real elements of his growth in the music industry, dealing with bouts of opposition and the presence of disbelievers in his inner circle.

As his name foretells, Khilla Keys is well-versed in playing the piano (“the keys”), as well as the drums, bass and guitar, making his musical ear very detailed. These attributes have helped Keys to engrave his name into the major scene of Austin musicians by creating an original sound, recognized by all of his peers.

Mixing influences from his native Caribbean background in his speech and demeanor, with elements of modern hip-hop, rap and R&B, Keys has been able to grow his talent exponentially. Currently, he recently released his new single “Dial Tone” in preparation for a number of notable collaborations with other rising stars in his city as well as an upcoming EP and a mini Texas Tour that he will be performing on in the Fall of 2020.

Khilla Keys’ single “Dial Tone” is one that will surely set the bar for his peer group and for himself throughout the rest of the year. Khilla Keys is on radio rotation with the tracks “Dial Tone” and “Famous”.

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