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David Vaters is releases an uplifting and hopeful song that rhythmically soothes the soul. At some point in life we all lose loved ones. It’s inevitable but it’s never easy. In fact, more often than not it’s a painful experience – one that is often soothed by the hope of something better after death. That’s the sentiment that Canadian-born artist David Vaters is trying to capture on his newest single “Flying.”

After years of working with well-known musicians and producers in the US, Canada and UK, such as Henri Spinetti, Dave Markee, Skip Procop, Andre Wahl, Tom Hemby and Dan Cutronia to name a few, Vaters has been developing a solo career. His album and single releases over the past couple of years have gained him some notoriety with millions of streams and notable radio play in the UK, Australia and USA, and his heartfelt, honest & sometimes raw lyrics are connecting with fans all over the world.

With “Flying” which drops on Feb. 20, Vaters said he wants to provide listeners a sense of hope and yes, even joy during times of life that are often the most difficult. Uplifting (Tom Petty like) lyrics include the chorus “Everything is different now – I’m flying and looking down – It’s better than I thought it was – I’m flying with angels now”.

“Flying” is David Vaters’ 2nd single from his forthcoming A Voice in the Wilderness VOLUME 3 album, due out later in 2020. For his 3rd studio album, David Vaters stays true to the uncomplicated messages that have served the Canadian country rocker so well over his career.

Vaters shines in the spotlight as he offers inspired tracks containing catchy guitar riffs and singalong choruses that makes you feel right at home with the singer-songwriter’s classic and familiar sound. Vaters dishes out plenty of infectious Americana alt Country rhythms with an inspiring message about realizing your dreams without ever forgetting your roots.

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