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Swedish indie rock band Koala Bar creates music that connects intimately with the human soul. With an atmospheric and reflective approach to music, their work brings to mind the style of artists like The National and Big Red Machine. Constructing the project as a concept instead of an identity, the members reflect on conceiving it beyond the traditional perspective of a music group, “We think of Koala Bar as more of a ‘sound’ than a band”.

Artwork by August Östberg

“Our original plan with the name was to create a community (a bar) that people could gather round and join into”. Embracing an inclusive mindset that is embedded in their core values, the band has worked with several projects concerning various social issues. “In some way we still have this metaphorical picture of a bar where you wanna hang out”.

Starting as a duo in 2015, Koala Bar gained recognition after being nominated in music magazine Gaffa’s Best New Artist category with their 2018 debut album “Di Sorte”. In 2020, they released their second full-length album “Ethos Pathos Locos”. The band has recently welcomed two more members, becoming a quartet.

Koala Bar signed with Gothenburg-based Rexius Records in June 2022, they’re preparing to release their third album in the near future. Koala Bar is on radio rotation with the track “Pas de Bourrée”.


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