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Le’Ridge Stereo (Nepali American Songwriter and Musician) is located in  New Jersey. Winner of John Lenon Songwriting Weekly. Finalist of John Lenon Songwriting Competition – Hip Hop, Session II, 2021. Le’Ridge Stereo is on radio rotation with the track “World We Live In”. The song is taken from the album “World We Live In”.

It is basically a political song and was a by-product of the emotions and frustrations that were building up during CoVid, mainly from Asian hate crimes dominating the news, alongside many other social issues – Mass Shootings, the Black Lives Matter Movement, Political Suppression, Global Warming, and gazillion others.

Not a whole lot has changed since the 80s when I was born; as we are still fighting for equality in color, gender, and race, among many other injustices and inequalities that occur every day. We still hold hate and greed in our emotions.

I wanted to write something, not just in support of Asians, but humanity as a whole. This is an attempt to bring attention to the conundrums and injustices that keep rising on this planet, and a need for a change in our mindset has become more than necessary to heal the world.

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