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Born in Ottawa, Jaryn (aka J-Bizzle) offers a new perspective within mainstream music.  J-Bizzle seeks to inspire others and invoke emotions through his songs. His goal to spread truth and love comes from the two attributes his parents raised him on – authenticity and positivity. In a world full of chaos, he wants to provide listeners with hope, an uncommon message in today’s music.

Incorporating his Christian beliefs and Jamaican roots, J-Bizzle mixes modern R&B with lyrics that touch on his life and issues relatable to everyone. J-Bizzle’s undeniable talent and drive to motivate others will surely take him to new heights in music, so follow him on his journey to success because when it’s all said and done, he will be nothing short of a legend. J-Bizzle is on radio rotation with the track “I Should’ve Known”.

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