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Logan Bruce is a singer-songwriter from Northeast Ohio whose songs and story underscore the power of pursuing a dream against all odds. His mission as a songwriter and speaker is to share his journey from addiction to recovery and inspire others to overcome the fear of failure, no matter the challenge they face.

Drug and alcohol abuse had taken Logan down a destructive path for nearly eight years, costing him a sports scholarship and jeopardizing relationships with friends and family. He even resorted to selling his personal belongings to fuel his addiction.

But the one thing he couldn’t part with was his guitar. From an early age, music had been a way to convey his thoughts and feelings when words failed. At rock bottom, it was no different.

“I struggled for so long to find meaning or purpose in my life. Music changed that. Music was there for me when nothing else was.”

Songwriting became Logan’s anchor as he entered rehab in 2012, where he began working to put his life back together. The resulting songs pull no punches. His lyrics deal openly with his struggles — relapse, heartbreak, hopelessness — but also with the hope for finding direction toward a better life.

The way Logan sees it, the world would be a better place if people would venture outside their comfort zones and chase something they love, like he did. That’s why he continues to share his story through emotive, acoustic-driven songs that pack a powerful message of hope.

“It seems almost daily now that someone will tell me that the words I put in a song were exactly what they needed to hear and that I captured their feelings perfectly.”

Logan Bruce is on radio rotation with the tracks “Don’t Walk Away” and “Novocaine”.

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