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Inspired by the ever-changing seasons of life, Lucy Lowis crafts a sound that floats into the existential clouds of self-reflection and hope. The 16-year-old songwriter and multi-instrumentalist paints vibrant sonic images through diverse instrumentation, driven primarily by ukulele, guitar, and piano.  Her voice floats over each song with a levity that gently lifts the listener into another realm. Lowis employs an array of rich harmonies that swirl around bright and airy lead melodies.

Hailing from the quaint West Michigan town of Kalamazoo, Lowis spends her free time expressing her creative interests through songwriting, drawing, and painting. The musical stylings of her work range from upbeat indie to the trappings of subtle acoustic sentiments that the listener can relate to. Growing up in a musical family, Lowis began playing music as early as five years old, tinkering on drum sets and whatever other instruments she could get her hands on.

Her upcoming release, “Seventh Cycle Soul,” self-recorded and produced at her home in collaboration with her father, Ted Lowis, is a collection of personal reflections and stories that trace through the nuances of daily life. The record features Dustin Lowe on bass and Eric Busch on drums.

“Music is a big part of my life, but it isn’t the only thing I’m interested in,” Lowis says. “It’s kind of a piece to the puzzle that is my life. It’s something that makes me happy and inspires me. I put my music out there and I hope people can relate it to their world and feel like they’re less alone.” In addition to pouring time into her musical work, Lowis is also passionate about her education and environmental awareness, maintaining a vegetarian and eco-friendly lifestyle.  She has several rescued animals and promotes adopting from your local shelter.

Lucy Lowis is on radio rotation with the track “Pretty Crier”.

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