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In the era of SoundCloud, one simple production can launch a career. Hence, it’s no surprise that rising producer Luther Monroe is already making an impact after busting onto the scene as recently as 2021. Monroe has only published three releases on his Soundcloud profile thus far and yet his incredible technical talent and ear for captivating musical charm feels assured. It is fair to note that the London-based producer, who has been honing his skills behind the scenes for years, is classically trained, and has a distinguished aptitude for working with both organic and electronic instruments.

Luther Monroe’s latest double-track single release, ‘Moonlight’ and ‘Moonlight – Instrumental’ is infused with an intoxicating afrobeat flavor, while the song’s original mix features the talented afrobeat vocalist BwuoyMace. Lush jangling guitars propel resonant basslines and skittering percussion, while BwuoyMace’s honey-sweet vocal incursions sweep across the poignant arrangement, bringing inebriating washes of melody and harmony to the song.

The elegance and smoothness of it all feels like an antidote to the electronic bombast Luther Monroe might be played alongside. ‘Moonlight’, is in fact, held together by Monroe’s sense of calm. Here his sound and style, though dynamic and vibrant, is effortless and relaxed.

It sets up the producer as someone carving out a varied number of musical niches. He’s an artist with diverse tastes and a wide knowledge of music, with the specialized talent to work those influences into a unique number of sounds.

‘Moonlight’, vastly differs from Luther Monroe’s previous release, yet both have incredibly listenable sounds. The difference being that ‘Moonlight’ is specifically designed to move your soul. The texture and vibe this record provides is truly captivating, making it my favorite Luther Monroe track so far. Monroe has a masterful ability to flawlessly arrange and mix his instrumentals to form the most inviting sounds you’ll ever hear.

‘Moonlight’ is everything you would expect from a producer of Luther Monroe’s caliber and then some. It both establishes and certifies his stylistic versatility, as well as continue to proclaim him as one of the most exciting producers in the industry right now. Monroe shows a unique flexibility and verve in his work. ‘Moonlight’ drips, melts, and molds around BwuoyMace’s voice, providing the precise foundation and frame that it requires.

Listening to ‘Moonlight’, alongside his previous work, you’ll come away with the feeling that there is no genre Luther Monroe cannot work with convincingly. That said, one can only wonder what Monroe’s next release might bring. But there’s no sense in projecting a stylistic path for Luther Monroe. As evidenced by ‘Moonlight’, he can switch his sonic trajectory rather briskly, which leaves him plenty of room to surprise and satisfy listeners.

In the meantime, ‘Moonlight’ is so easy on the ear. Every groove is deep and highly rhythmic, every melody extensively intoxicating. It is a refinement toward the smoother and soulful end of Luther Monroe’s creative spectrum. It is yet another testament to how far the producer can stretch his sonic reach.


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