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Summer is meant for relaxation, love, and creating unforgettable memories. Unfortunately, these commonplace yet timeless themes have lost their sharpness, and some of us have even forgotten about summer adventures.

That’s why the young Ukrainian star MARIANA, is releasing the lively and truly summery hit “Baila conmigo,” which will serve as the perfect finale for a scorching season for millions of listeners in Ukraine and around the world.

The single is a refreshing sip of fresh summer and sea breeze. You’ll feel this after the first listen: “Baila conmigo is a song about romantic relationships and spirited Latin American dances. The lyrical characters of this musical story fall in love and dance tirelessly by the ocean’s shore,” shares MARIANA about her release.

This track is especially fitting for the end of the second summer of the Russian-Ukrainian war, as the song brings memories of spirited days and nights, dancing, sun, beaches, beautiful hot yet gentle emotions and feelings. All of this we remember throughout our lives, and it gives us strength, motivation, and the desire to return to those perfect summer days.

The single “Baila conmigo” is not your typical summer dance track. MARIANA, along with her co-authors, for the first time in our pop music, combines three languages in one track – Ukrainian, English, and Spanish. This is a logical step in the global music arena and will be interesting, original, and familiar to an audience that understands both domestic and world music.

MARIANA, together with her co-authors, merges Ukrainian character, English messages, and Latin American rhythms that make it impossible to sit still. Furthermore, trilingualism is not just an artistic whim of the artist.

Using these three most popular and melodious languages is a strategic move with specific goals: “What I sing in Ukrainian, English, and Spanish is symbolic. It’s the ascent of Ukrainian music to a global level. It’s certain that soon Ukrainian music will reach the same heights of popularity as tracks from artists in North and Latin America,” shares the singer’s strategy.

This track is dedicated to the handsome one from the shores of the Caribbean Sea, but it celebrates our culture to a greater extent: “In the video, the main character is indeed a Ukrainian, with tattooed embroidery and a bandura, which is crucial to draw the world’s attention to Ukrainian culture. Also, combined with Latin American rhythms and three languages, this creates a unique eclectic and multicultural atmosphere of a party in the free world of feelings and emotions,” explains the artist.

The groundbreaking summer hit “Baila conmigo” by MARIANA is available on all streaming platforms:

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