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About “Uncertainty (feat. Christine Corless)”

New Snakedoctors single “Uncertainty” features duet vocals by Wojciech and Christine Corless known from one of previous singles “Too Many”. The song features also Corey Britz a bassist of Bush. Uncertainty is a song about how you’re just not certain if your favorite bacon sandwich is going to be there for you at your local grocery store. All that due to corporate decisions made on sandwich selection in your state within that stores chain. It’s about misery and how you miss the state when you could have been sure about your choices. The video for the song is trying to deal with that problem directly and tells the story of the very last sandwich made available. It was filmed at location in Gdansk, Poland. The song was mixed by Dawid Gorgolewski at Osso Studio and mastered by Stephen Marcussen responsible for the album.

About the Snakedoctors:

Snakedoctors are four friends who started the band in Gdansk, Poland in May of 2020. Since then they released twenty six singles (including a Christmas special and a song in Czech under name Jiri Blaha & Framuga Boys) and four albums: „Obligation”, „Joy Free Bowl”, „Mellow Joy” and “Four and a half”. Their new 2023 album “Waiting” brings more great songs and feature many surprise appearances, collaborations and producers they had the chance and luck to work with. Among those are Nik Hughes and Corey Britz a drummer and the bass player for Bush, Stephen Marcussen who mastered most songs on the album and  Howie Weinberg who did three of the songs. Among producers involved we can find also Marshall Gallagher a leader of Teenage Wrist and also Chris Rakestraw – a producer of two last albums by Megadeth who worked also with Deftones and Danzig. The album was out in May of 2023. Snakedoctors albums charted at Poland Empik Top 100 Rock, iTunes Top 100 Rock and one of UK’s independent radio album chart.

Their biggest hit single so far – „Close That Door” has been a number one for over 30 weeks in Poland at Radio Olsztyn Top 40 and also at Radio Ostrowiec Top 20. That success was followed by “Destroyed” (for over 20 weeks at the top) and earlier “Too Many” at no. 1 at Radio Olszyn Top 40 and also at Radio Ostrowiec. “Destroyed” reached also no. 1 at Radio Lublin Top 10 and Hot Top 100 at one of independent UK radio charts. Their “Crime Story” reached also no. 2 at Radio Ostrowiec Top 20. “Why Don’t” reached no. 1 at Radio Ostrowiec Top 20. Another one – „Got Him Another Girl” reached number one at radio airplay chart for Central America (CMEAN). “Snake Doctor” lasted for a few weeks on Japan You Tube Top 100 songs and at no. 2 at radio airplay based chart in Central America. “Friday Night” charted at one of US Spotify Charts (Local Pulse – LA). ‘Destroyed” reached also Apple Music Top 100 in Jamaica. All singles charted at Poland iTunes Rock Top 100 (many of them reached number one), one of the indie radio charts in the UK (including five number ones – „A Song”, „Tinder Girl”, “Crime Story”, “Wuss” and “Destroyed”) and other radio charts in the US, Columbia, Ecuador and Peru.

Snakedoctors songs get the airplay in many countries worldwide and on 5 continents. The same applies to reviews that their albums and singles receive. Their previous  albums featured a lot of great artists and producers including – Joe Gibb (Depeche Mode, The Cure, The Kinks, Jane’s Addiction, Stone Roses and The Mission), Kevin Paul (also Depeche Mode and the Kinks and also with Yazoo, Erasure and David Bowie), Chris Bolster from Abbey Road Studios, Andy “Hippy” Baldwin from Metropolis Studios, Corey Coffman from band Gleemer,  Corey Alley (Hobbit Hole Records), Matt Gerhard working with band Spoon, Dawid Gorgolewski of Osso Studio (Poland), Tom Queyja (The Lip Studio) – a long time friend of Snakedoctors’s leader who had produced songs for his former US band’s (the Implants formerly known as the Shriners) album.  Their videos were filmed in Poland, Ukraine, Serbia, Germany and Indonesia. The also like to invite guests and their songs featured to name a few: Catlea (US), Vistory Vizhanska (Ukraine), Christine Corless (US) and Ada Nike (Poland).

As they say – they play music because it’s fun. It’s an indie band releasing their music on indie label Case Studio. Band’s albums are distributed by MyMusic.

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