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Somerset-based singer-songwriter Matt Wescott is a name to remember. He has established a high bar for himself by working with Portishead in the studio, supporting artists like Razorlight and Fionn Regan live, and receiving a director’s award from Paramount Songs. He has set the standards high ahead of his debut single release ‘Nice To Meet You’.

Taken from his forthcoming extended play, Echoes Around The Sun, ‘Nice To Meet You’ is slated for release on August 9, 2023. The upbeat and catchy track is infused with genre-blending elements of pop, rock, indie, and country.

The cheery production of ‘Nice To Meet You’ features instrumentation of a drum kit, bass guitar, organ, electric guitar, and acoustic guitar. This wonderful sound is paired with the enlightening vocals from Matt Wescott that will draw the listener in from the very beginning creating a buoyant mood.

‘Nice To Meet You’ was co-written with Ethan Mentzer of The Click Five. Matt Wescott composed the chord-based riff, the verse melody, and parts of the lyrics before collaborating with Ethan Mentzer working remotely via Skype. In April and May of this year, he recorded the song with a group of his friends and associates.

“‘Nice To Meet You’ is about an artist rediscovering their creative inner child,” – Matt Wescott comments on the track.

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