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Dannisha is a new name in the Ukrainian musical space. Charming and self-confident: these characteristics are inherent both in appearance and in the singer’s musical style, which she characterizes as Pop & R&B. In childhood, the girl was raised by her grandmother, who replaced her entire family. In the hours of loneliness, little Dannisha hid in the world of computer games. There, the girl tried on virtual roles until she grew up and became a heroine who creates her own reality.

Dannisha’s distinctive feature is that she performs her music in English with a western sound. Inspired by the creativity of top artists in the USA, her goal is to popularize this style of music in Ukraine as well. The singer’s audience on social networking apps is rapidly increasing, and her image as an independent beauty and spectacular music videos is attracting more and more fans.

“Ain’t That Serious” – the debut track by singer Dannisha, who has just embarked on her music career. Stylish and self-assured, these characteristics define both the artist’s appearance and her musical style, which she describes as a blend of Pop and R&B.

Dannisha not only brings a playful vibe but also a tone that captivates from the first listen. One notable feature of Dannisha is her delivery of English-language music with a Western sound. Inspired by the work of top American artists, her goal is to popularize this music style in Ukraine.

“My track ‘Ain’t That Serious’ is about desire that arises between two people and takes over completely. It’s a song about carefree moments and feelings that conquer everything else. Perhaps it’s fleeting, or maybe it will have a sequel, you never know,” Dannisha comments. The singer’s social media following is rapidly growing, and her image as an independent beauty, along with her stunning music videos, is gaining more and more fans.

On September 7th, Dannisha presented the debut music video for the track “Ain’t That Serious.” The lead role in the video is played by the handsome gardener – blogger-millionaire, actor, and TV host, Bogdan Bushe. The track “Ain’t That Serious” is already available on all digital platforms.

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