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Born in Rochester NY on 02/16/89 was the blessed young man that now goes by the name MC Ron G: The Roc City Hero. While rapping for the world there always seemed to be something missing, yet when he gave his life to the Lord the Vision began to be realized. The name MC Ron G was no longer a mere stage name but a statement! “Magnifying Christ Ron’s Gift.” In 2008 God blessed him with the means to start the record label Vision Productions.

He released his 1st album “P.O.E. Power Over Everything,” in 2012, after a series of mixtapes. In 2016 he was licensed to preach the Gospel as a Youth Minister, and has recently been elected to the office of Youth Pastor. Now, following the release of his two new albums “HERO” and “In The Potter’s Hand,” he has launched the clothing line properly titled “HeroLife.” With the aid of the Holy Spirit, he will continue to record timeless music with unlimited ideas, provided by Jesus that will motivate, and encourage God’s People. MC Ron G is on radio rotation with the track “Lost A Day”.


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