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Having played guitar and written songs for decades, Alex Johnston has honed his skills enough to busk his way around Europe, earning enough to support himself along the way. Along with his troupe of fellow buskers, Alex played in admirably disreputable lodgings, appeared on live Italian national radio, and even dabbled in fire-eating to spice up his performances.

Taking a break from music to pursue a career in marketing, working with major brands like Pepsi and Nike, Alex had the opportunity to meet music legends like Beyonce, Janet Jackson, and Mick Jagger, experiences which built upon his ever present passion for music.

When the COVID-19 pandemic hit, the world came to a standstill, and Alex found himself with the time to once again pursue dream of creating music. He spent the first UK lockdown writing and recording, resulting in his debut album, ‘Doodles’. While Alex wrote and recorded all the tracks for ‘Doodles,” he shares equal credit with veteran mix editor and musical director Gary Wallis – one of Britain’s most experienced session musicians having worked with Pink Floyd, Genesis, and Mike & the Mechanics and most recently served as Tom Jones’ Musical Director.

Having previously reached #69 in iTunes Blues Charts, received radio plays across the UK, over 150,000 youtube views and over 63,000 Spotify streams to-date, Alex Johnston has already built a hype around his music and an eager fanbase. Now back with the new EP Homagery, some of Johnston’s most eclectic and best work to date, Alex and Gary continue to write, record, mix, and edit from their respective locations in Suffolk and West London. With no signs of slowing down, there’s much more new music on the horizon.

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