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“I know if you’re like me, you’re wondering if you’re in a really, really bad dream…a nightmare really! I started working on this new project last Fall, but the songs have been living in my head and heart for years…they are so iconic, I didn’t dare touch them…until now. I’ve learned through life and living we’re all the same, and to embrace that as a truth worth fighting for. 15 years professional singer. Performed Jazz Ally, Triple Door, Egan’s Jam House, anywhere fine music is heard.” Mercedes Nicole.

What can’t be said about Mercedes Nicole. I truly love the heart of this woman. Her sultry voice that envelopes itself into your being, while reminding you of some of your favorite memories.  An extraordinary artist we’ve enjoyed several times.

Her latest two tracks on radio rotation, “Your Love” and “Path of the Mystic” brings us up-to-date with Ms. Nicole’s accomplishments. These songs obviously cannot begin to represent what Mercedes Nicole is capable of, but is an adequate place to start appreciating her craft as both a singer and songwriter.

Mercedes Nicole is simply the songstress, songbird, the lovely and vivacious woman of smooth thoughtful music that eases your mind whether at home or on the road. This is just rare and beautiful music at a time when loud and empty rules the airwaves. Her voice, the lyrics, the instruments all come together so nicely.

Band Personnel

Mercedes Nicole: Vocals

Guitar: Jerry Wirkkala (Classical and Electric)

Double Bass: Evan Flory-Barnes

Drums: D’Vonne Lewis

You can purchase Mercedes Nicole’s music on iTunes, Reverbnation, and off her website

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