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Mr. CAP, an International Rap Artist from Houston, Texas, is one of the original members of the South Park Coalition aka S.P.C. – a worldwide organization comprised primarily of rap artists, DJs, EEM CEEs, and other musicians, founded in Houston, TX by childhood friend and rap artist, K-Rino.

Hiphop artist Mr.Cap, descendent of the late great blues legend Johnny Guitar Watsonhas acquired over 20 years’ experience working in the background, accommodating an array of Hiphop legends like; Lil’Wayne, Z-Ro, Scarface, Bun-B, Lil Flip, K-Rino, Mike Jonesand a host of others.

 Mr.CAP has hit the scene with his debut “2 Tha Grave,” featuring his cousin O.N.E. in several tracks under the production of Capital Underground Smash Hits Productions, and O.N.E. 4 Da Money Entertainment.

Mr.CAP is on radio rotation with the tracks “Cap International” ft. Big Prez & Alyssa Harris and “Capism”.



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