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“Living By The Ocean” represents N D F’s (National Demo Factory) love for the ocean and his influences growing up on an island. I started writing music in 2012. I got tired of always playing the same songs so one day I decided to start writing my own stuff. That first song, AN ANNIVERSARY SONG, was intended as a present to my wife. I thoroughly enjoyed the process and soon found myself writing another song, BELIEVE.

This was followed by ALONE and SOMEDAY, songs that talked about my past and my journey growing up. In 2015, inspired by my kids, I wrote NOA AND KAI. IT’S ABOUT US, WHEN THE LOVE FLOWS, LIVING BY THE OCEAN and PRECIOUS were all written in 2017.

Looking back I can see how I had moved on, leaving the past behind and settling in my new family life. A year later, while on a trip in Hawaii I wrote TAKE ME TO THE BEACH. The last two songs I wrote, ALL THE LITTLE THINGS and I MISS YOU were both inspired by my mother who sadly passed away in January of 2019.

Writing music has become my new found passion as well as my companion through the ups and downs of life. I never intended to write music for publishing. However songs are written to be heard and so here I am today. It’s been about 8 years since I wrote that first song.

After my mother passed away I decided to use some of the monies she left me to produce some of the songs I have written and put them together in an album. This is her legacy to me, my legacy to my children and my gift to you. I hope that these songs bring you joy and solace as they have done for me. Enjoy and share the love. Feel free to reach out to me through my website, STARFISHMUSICPUBLISHING.

N D F is on radio rotation with the track “Living By The Ocean”.

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