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“Get ready to dance and sing along to the latest release from Naomi Suzuki, the talented singer-songwriter and rising star in the music industry. Her highly anticipated new single, ‘Find Someone Better’, is out now and is sure to captivate audiences with its catchy beats and powerful lyrics”.

Born in Tagawa, Fukuoka Prefecture, Japan. Naomi Suzuki is a UK based Japanese entertainer and world-class performer. Her diverse display of numerous talents has made her thrive in different fields in the entertainment industry as she has displayed top-notch performance in movies as well as being a TV show presenter combined with her prowess in delivering melodious songs to the ears of her fans, validating her highly commendable pen game skills. It is worth noting that the star was a special supporter (Official Ambassador) for the 2019 Rugby World Cup (Fukuoka

Representative). An hardworking humanitarian, she has held charity concerts in over 100 locations (such as temporary housing, care homes, schools, nurseries etc) since the Great East Japan Earthquake in the Tohoku region, Kumamoto and her home prefecture of Fukuoka with the theme of “finding the strength to keep living, through song” (ongaku de ikiru chikara) to help raise the spirit of those affected by the natural disaster. All proceeds are donated and continue to support aid work. See attached profile here.

“It is a song that makes you feel good……..”

With her unique blend of pop with Japanese pop tune influence, Naomi’s music has been gaining attention from fans and critics alike, and this latest release is no exception. So, don’t miss out on this must-listen track from one of the most exciting voices in music today! Stream ‘Find Someone Better’ by Naomi Suzuki now and experience the magic for yourself.

Arranged by world-famous drummer/producer Gota Yashiki, artwork Masami Kanai, and MV producer Makino Sena. It takes strength to dislike people, but protecting yourself is more important. In modern society, everyone is at the mercy of society. Naomi tries to replace the feeling of wanting to escape from there and live in my own way with “Love story” in the song. Listen to the masterpiece on Spotify and YouTube  

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