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In the vibrant and bustling DMV region, a rising rap sensation named Sollars has emerged, captivating audiences with his talent and determination. Having honed his skills since the age of 15, Sollars is now fully embracing his musical destiny, and he has a bold plan to release fresh music every few weeks in the coming months.

His latest songs, “MySpace,” and “On A Wave” marks a significant turning point in Sollars’ career, a glimpse into his discography reveals the remarkable growth he has undergone as an artist. He has found his own unique sound and delivers his messages with authenticity and conviction.

The beats draw you in with their blend of electronic and hip-hop allure, and Sollars proves himself to be a lyrical wizard. Fearlessly tackling any topic. His songs take listeners on a wild ride that never relents. With quick-witted bars that slice through the air, Sollars exudes an insatiable hunger and infectious excitement. He is unapologetically competitive and unfiltered.

Sollars is on radio rotation with the track “On A Wave”. While the mesmerizing vibe of the song captures your attention, his steadfast spirit and consummate talent make sure you stay locked in to his brand.


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