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Nevalliss is on radio rotation with the track “Rising from the Ashes of Pain”. The project is made up of J. Moseley (Singer, Songwriter, Producer, Editor, Composer), C. Heefer (Guitars), S. Wilson (Bass) and R. Henderson (Drums).

Moseley is the owner of Opal Scale Productions. The head engineer of recording, mixing, editing, mastering, as well as lead photographer. Moseley has 5 years of SXSW service, working the trade show, and production crew for SXSW. Not to forget the many service hours working a video camera shooting video for dozens of bands –  both live tracking, and Foley editing for video productions.

Opal Scale Productions offers a professional grade of production no matter if it is a single song, an EP, or an entire album, and the videos to go with the entire catalog.

Visit and contact J. Moseley (Opal Scale Productions) at his official website:

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