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Tyler Jordan (Oblivinatti) is a Producer/DJ from Bentonville, Arkansas that has a very diverse style of dance music that draws inspiration from his many experiences around the world. From his time as a resident DJ in Valencia, Spain to his tour with Troy Ave in the US, Oblivinatti uses this wide array of styles to form his own groundbreaking musical experience.

Oblivinatti is always striving to be a leader in trend-setting by inspiring others to follow their dreams, and building a stronger sense of community in the music scene.

Oblivinatti’s love for his craft and for his music shines through every song released. As he only releases tracks that truly deliver a powerful emotional experience, mixed and slashed with hard hitters, and outstanding electronic flares that send you thinking and coming back for more.

In his spare time, Oblivinatti works as an event producer and live audio engineer. He enjoys spending his time growing his collective, Vibration Nation and giving back to the artist community by hosting shows and developing other artists.

Oblivinatti is on radio rotation with the track “Fiyah”.

Connect with Oblivinatti and his music:

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