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RinRin is the manifestation of Philippine-born and Australian-based Qarin Drey Loreno Hipe. A singer-songwriter and guitarist, RinRin, has grown up with the guitar. After showing an early aptitude for six-strings and teaching herself the basics, RinRin’s attraction to the likes of alternative rock giants Paramore and Orianthi, Kawaii Metal sensation Baby Metal and empowering pop figure Avril Lavigne, saw her embark on learning the craft from both school and the live circuit.

Between the dueling institutions of school and her father’s cover band (which she joined at the age of 13) RinRin has developed a tightly presented stage craft and technical ability. She joined Perth emo-rock group Love Me Natalie in 2019 helping in the composition and release of their 3rd single Heroes, rounding out their sound with her backing vocals and live experience.

Her time at present with Love Me Natalie cultivated a confidence and a stronger sense of purpose in RinRin. Feeling the desire to express herself individually, RinRin took to writing new solo material and released her debut single The Game in July 2020, signaling a young writer with a keen hold on the futurism of Tonight Alive and Bring Me the Horizon and the teen empowerment of Avril Lavigne.

The release of her debut has developed a strong foundation of followers across the digital realm, proving her pop-futurist and J-Rock sensibilities have scope to grow into new worlds. RinRin now has plans to demonstrate the fullness of her creativity in her upcoming EP due in 2021.

RinRin is on radio rotation with the track “The Game”.


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