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OR GOLAN is on radio rotation with the track “Zarar”. Throughout his career, over 350000 copies of singles have been sold. He has featured at Times Square, Wikipedia, BBC Radio 1, Radio Plays, Articles, Radio and television interviews. His music has entered more than 70 countries.

# Over 10000 radio plays for the song ‘I am Greedy’ worldwide # Over 8000 radio plays for the song ‘Havagabond’ worldwide # Over 1500 plays for the song ‘Zarar’ # 19 times first place in the radio charts # 22 radio interviews to audiences of millions of listeners # 6 TV appearances in Brazil to an audience of 2.5 million viewers, and still counting…

Or Golan is interviewed:
Or Golan on TV:—hrIbrwRhJV38K4
Or Golan is played on the radio:

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