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Phil Mitchell Band is a rock band out of Chicago, IL. They are on radio rotation with the tracks “White Horse Rider” and “Crossroads”. Phil started out following classical music, ragtime, and musicals. Early influences include the Doors, Gordon Lightfoot, Bryan Adams, Queen, Mainnheim SteamRoller, and Bonnie Raitt. BTO played at our local high school. The marching band played many of the Doors songs. My neighbour played drums to all the Boston songs. I loved Scott Joplin and thought one day I would sit on top of the piano with my girlfriend like in the roaring 20’s. Wrote my first song in third grade. Everyone loved the band Chicago……..

I have been very lucky to work with some great singers through the years including Kristen Freilich, Jack Miuccio, Tracee Davidson, Lauren Anatolia, and Jammie Bosstel. Rex Carroll, Chris Wilson, and Kevin Brannigan are some of the best lead guitar players one could ever find.

Worked two years on the “Crossroads Album” which includes a rock symphony, duelling guitars, unplugged version, and several unique piano numbers. Music for film or the stage… Tells a story about the country and the fact that we are at a crossroad…..

His music has evolved through the years. My first album “Morning Star” was more to my roots. I tried to make a statement with my second album “America”. The third album brought it all together. The frustrations, dreams, passion, history, and concerns of the many people I met.


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