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Kansas City artist PhilAhsophie is on radio rotation with the tracks, “Coming Up” and “Rhyme & Reason”.

 MORE ABOUT PhilAhsophie:“I am PhilAhsophie, a recording artist. I am originally from Kansas City, Missouri, but I live in Austin, TX. I started my career by performing Hip-hop at house parties and other venues around town. Later I began to record voice tracks. My art form is comparable to inspirational rap-poetry – with music of course and can be therapeutic for some and motivational for others.

I enjoy sharing my passion with the masses, and I don’t do this for the limelight or to prove anything to anyone. I sincerely enjoy articulating words that I have composed with the public. If people enjoy my music then I’m cool and it makes me very happy. If not, hopefully my newest work, whatever it may be, may sway critics to enjoy what I do and to listen wholeheartedly to the words of my songs. I am unique and I do not attempt to follow any trends. I am simply authentic with my craft.

I can also say that my tracks would be more on the socially conscious side. I like to touch on different topics that everyday people can relate. I also aim to deliver positive vibes and uplifting messages. I just like to make music that anybody can enjoy hearing without any negative content that would mislead our youth. My music is for the soul and to enlighten. Thank you for reading and be assured that more music will follow, and I DO appreciate your online support, Continue to enjoy or follow me as I hope to elevate my music to another level of enjoyment.” – PhilAhsophie 


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