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The Millennial Blues musical feel Rhythm Affair was founded in 2015 by Las Vegas Entertainer Tulsa Flood with guitarists Timmie Douglas and Duagloth Dax. Originally named Giggle Pig, for one year before briefly changing to “Damn The Man Band” and eventually deciding that Rhythm Affair would be the permanent project moniker in early 2017. Boasting a line-up of up to ten members, with a light show of smoke and lasers, Rhythm Affair is one of the most exciting live shows in Las Vegas.

Rhythm Affair mixes ‘Psychedelic Music’ and ‘Boogie Woogie’ songs making each show a unique experience that you have to see more than once to fully absorb. Rhythm Affair is known for highlighting amazing local talent alongside the core line-up of musicians, making each show a unique experience.

Rhythm Affair is on radio rotation with the track “This Livens Up The Day” – a song based on the true story of Brenda Spencer. Brenda was one of the first children to commit a school shooting. 1979 San Diego. The song is from the shooters perspective as she recounts the daily abuse that brought her to the breaking point.

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