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Rory Leon  is on radio rotation with the track, “Field of Mirrors”. “Me and Zak have known each other for a good many years, but it’s also been approximately that long since we really worked together, he sent me this beat and the first words out of my mouth when I heard it were “and you aint never even knew me when I wanna die.” And that really can only translate into my messed up relationship ship with my father. Luckily for me Zak’s production fit perfectly with the whole sad and fierce emotional vibe my lyrics were painting. Craziest thing is with some people no matter how many years you’re apart, you’ll always be able to fall back into your natural rhythm with them like ya’ll never left. I wonder if that would also apply to my father? Weird.” “I love everyone. Be safe, and be strong, the world is filled with chaotic and freezing winds, and all the more reason to never let go of warmth.”

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