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Ukrainian artists Saf Safron & GR33NWAVE are releasing a new single “Yin Yang” from their upcoming joint album “Music Play,” which can be called a manifesto for all listeners who think critically and are tired of societal dogmas and pressures. The album, consisting of 12 tracks, was mostly recorded in 2019-2020 – before the onset of the full-scale invasion. It’s important to mention that only one track was recorded in 2022 – “Farsh,” where the artists did not limit themselves in expressions, leading to the song being banned on YouTube.

The provocative music of the artists has finally come to fruition at the beginning of 2024. According to Saf Safron & GR33NWAVE, now is the time for everyone to start thinking critically and not succumb to the influence of the surrounding world and people. “The album, in general, ridicules people’s attempts to follow the rules and dogmas of society,” the artists stated.

The collection of provocative songs poses many relevant questions to the listener and has one specific message: “We want people not to believe everything blindly and learn to analyze and think for themselves. Our music is for everyone who thinks critically and can analyze with a touch of sarcasm and self-irony,” said Saf Safron & GR33NWAVE.

Saf Safron & GR33NWAVE is not a typical collaboration for Ukrainian music. It’s a duo of two independent artists who decided to come together to create a high-quality product with clear messages that our society lacks. In the album “Music Play,” Saf Safron is entirely responsible for the song lyrics, while GR33NWAVE handles the music and production of the tracks.

The track “Yin – Yang” is a song about the ideal kinship of two mutually loving people. Saf Safron dedicated the track to his former wife, who lost almost her entire family in a short period.

The album marks the first release of Saf Safron & GR33NWAVE in the new year 2024, but the artists have many plans. The LP will be promoted with several singles released in Ukrainian, English, and even Quebecois languages.

Saf Safron has been living in Montreal (Canada) for a long time and is one of our most successful artists in the diaspora, regularly performing at major events. Additionally, Safron is one of the most active donors, and his fundraisers help address many needs of our defenders.


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