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Born in Iceland with Thai ethnicity and based in the UK, Samuel Oscar is a fast-rising singer-songwriter. He burst on the scene in 2020 and has already accumulated over 14 million streams on YouTube alone, and he has no plans of slowing down anytime soon. Keen to continue his momentum and kickstart the year on a high, Samuel has just unveiled his remarkable new single, “Where’s My Love Gonna Go”.

A multi-instrumentalist who plays drums, piano, guitar, bass and the ukulele, Samuel’s productions are always special, and such is the case with “Where’s My Love Gonna Go”. The track is absolutely breathtaking and immediately draws you in with Samuel’s soothing vocals alongside the subtle production, which begins with guitar and builds gradually throughout. Lyrically, it’s a break-up song that hears him get candid about losing someone special.

Elaborating further, Samuel says, “I wanted to write a break-up song, as I was in a sad place in my relationship and thinking it was coming to an end. This song felt like preparation for how I would feel if my girlfriend and I broke up – how lost I would feel and how much I wouldn’t know how to love someone as much as I love her. I would just have to live with loving her, without her, eternally.”

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