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Canadian band ‘Mecca of Stank’ releases their latest single ‘Love & Stars’. Known for weaving elements of r&b, hip-hop, soul, funk, jazz, reggae, downtempo and Latin music, their eclectic influences awash their music creating vibrant soundscapes that promote love and positive vibes.

Their latest single ‘Love & Stars’ is no exception, the neo-soul track infuses funk throughout to create an infectious single that draws you in, leaving you wanting more. Utilising grooving basslines, distinctive electric piano arrangements, euphoric melodies and rousing guitar solos, that are all backed by a message of love and unity, aimed at promoting LGBTQ+ rights and acceptance.

Based out of Ottawa, Canada, the band has been performing music since 2019, releasing their debut track ‘Dopamine Dreams’ (feat. Rebbecca Noelle) in 2022 which garnered over 8,000 organic streams on Spotify and features a mind-bending video by award-winning filmmaker Petr Maul. Now back with their sixth single ‘Love & Stars’, Mecca of Stank looks to continue to be one of the grooviest bands to come out of Canada.

With more singles in the pipeline and plenty of opportunities for listeners to view them live, the Ontario band advances on their mission to bring positivity to the masses while gifting them with a treat like no other, the ‘stank face’.

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