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Namibian born artist Sasha Dawe, previously known as David Stars, defies genres with his eclectic style that fuses post-punk folk, shoe-gazing sound, and insightful storytelling. Drawing inspiration from the Norwegian German shoe-gazing sound of The Whitest Boy Alive and a touch of Jeff Tweedy’s sideways sarcasm, Sasha’s music questions deeply held assumptions while exuding a sublime youthful freedom.

With a special talent for poetry and songwriting, Sasha Dawe’s music is a journey of societal observations, weaving stories that resonate with the listener. Now, with a debut album on the horizon, the highly anticipated first instalment arrives in the form of ‘Baby Blue’, a mesmerizing alternative country blues single.

‘Baby Blue’ is a bittersweet and serendipitous track that showcases Sasha’s songwriting prowess with elegance and authenticity. The song’s country-infused soundscape creates a soothing ambiance, effortlessly drawing listeners into its beautifully presented, stripped-back arrangement.

The song opens with swooning acoustic and electric guitars and Sasha’s deep, commanding vocals, reminiscent of John Mayer’s renowned country exploration in “Born and Raised.” Each note holds a tender emotion, inviting listeners to embark on a journey of self-reflection and empathy.

The song serves as a profound love letter to humanity and the human psyche, embracing the mystery and magic of our emotions. Sasha Dawe’s lyrics express appreciation for the divine and holy place from which our feelings emanate. In a world filled with complexities and uncertainties, “Baby Blue” reminds us to love and appreciate each other, embracing our unique journeys and processes.

Sasha describes “Baby Blue” as “a love song to the unfolding of things, and a love song to god.” Through his introspective and emotive storytelling, he invites listeners to look beyond the surface and find the beauty in the smaller things, and that’s exactly what makes Sasha Dawe such a compelling artist who leaves a lasting impression on the listener.

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