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Singer-songwriter Heather Rachael and Producer Jay Williams are on radio rotation with the track “Hypermobility”, taken from the 7-track project of the same name. James Hagarty aka Jay Williams, was born into a family that enjoyed a wide variety of music—constantly—his love of music began at a young age. DJ’s parties in High School, and got involved in FM radio during college. Before the days of Spotify, he streamed for years on Live 365, until finally discovering a site called HitRECord in 2015 where he found renewed passion for music and music production. His current focus is on Music production for commercial licensing. He is building a catalog of songs to license to movie and TV studios

When Heather Rachael was young, she used to stare out of her window making up songs. She hit the MySpace Karaoke scene with a $10 drugstore microphone and loads of enthusiasm. Her success in contests judged by record labels gave her the confidence to turn her immense love for singing and songwriting professional. Raising three boys, it hasn’t always been a continuous path, but she has always been a creator, heart and soul. She is thrilled to have found Jay, Noelle and the others at JWP, who embrace working collaboratively. For her, the endeavor is about the love of music and the people she has been most blessed to work with on this journey. Her message for others is that anyone can make music anytime anywhere on any budget and even make an album if that is the dream. Jay Williams and Heather Rachel form part of a larger team of singers, songwriters, and producers who fall under the Jay Williams Productions umbrella.


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