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Scarlet V has released “I Wanna Be Loved”, which was first recorded by Buju Banton. She has gained local attention as well as some college radio throughout the US. She is looking forward to expanding her talents to Europe and the Caribbean. She just turned 18 and is on the road to success. Fluent is several language, Scarlet V is on success grind! Look out for Scarlet-V, also check out “I ain’t trippin” on all media platforms.

Scarlet-V is a New Jersey native with a West Indian background. Scarlet has been in the arts for several years. She writes, sings, acts and dances. She takes karate and Archery as well. Although she stays very busy with several activities, her true passion is music. Scarlet-V is working on her EP right now which is almost complete. Stay tuned for more music and videos.

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