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The project Seismic Anamoly was officially launched in 2002. Seismo’s work is done utilizing his EVH Wolfgang, Black Beauty, Millennium Bass, Indianola ER Acoustic, Korg Chronos X, and Roland TD-25KV. He had a total of 13 #1’s, 2 #2’s, 1 #3, 1 #4, and 1 #5 on the old MP3 dot com charts, and over the years has been featured on numerous Indie radio and music websites including MusicDish, ZeBox, Maddog Rock Radio, Indie Journal, MP3 Unsigned, Bandooze, My Global Sound, New Artists Radio, Musician’s Cyber Cooler, 7522 Radio, MakeAStar, BandTattoo, CDSmash, GetMeMusic, Magnatune, Jamsphere, Space Junkies Magazine, Mi2N, Tribe of Music, iHeart Radio, Garage Radio, Bands Backstage, Serge Entertainment, Hardcore Promo, MP3 College Radio Network, Gods of Music, Music Talkers, 1215, Chicago Music Scene, Metalrage, Mi2N China and many others.

Seismic Anamoly is on radio rotation with the tracks “Broken Arrow” and “Funk You Up”


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