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Silent Stranger was a band from 1982 to 1988. Of the nine songs we have on ReverbNation, “Make Way For the Ladies”, which was written in 1986, is the 29th Anniversary version and “Something About a Dream”, which was written in 1987, is the 28th Anniversary version, with “Something About a Dream (Acoustic)” recorded as an alternate version after that. “Silent Stranger” and “Broken Glass (Instrumental)” are new songs for 2015. “In My Heart”, “I’m Alive”, “Demo – Make Way For the Ladies” and “Demo – Something About a Dream”, were recorded as demos in 1988. Richard wrote “Make Way For the Ladies” and “Something About a Dream”, Alida wrote “In My Heart” and Al wrote “I’m Alive”.

Regular day jobs caused the band to split, after the recording session in 1988, with two of them leaving to work in another country. Since returning to Canada in 1993, the distance between us has prevented any reformation of the band.
Video for the 2015 versions of “Make Way For the Ladies”, “Something About a Dream” and “Something About a Dream (Acoustic)” was created after their recordings and posted to, Facebook, YouTube, Vimeo, Beat100 as well as ReverbNation.

Audio for all nine songs is on SoundCloud, Beat100, as well as ReverbNation, as well as for downloading from Bandcamp and iTunes.

Silent Stranger is on radio rotation with the track “Something About a Dream”.

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