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“Pierogi (Radio Edit)” and “Snake Doctor” are final singles out of “Joy Free Bowl” the second album by Snakedoctors. Snakedoctors is a rock band from Poland. Many of the album songs were recorded during the same sessions as the songs from the first album (“Obligation”). There are various song styles on “Joy Free Bowl”. From post-punk “Pierogi” and “Dziwny kraj”, new wave’ish “Cecil Has Changed” or heavier “Fallin’ Down”. Obviously “A Song” turned out to be a biggest hit.

Singles from that album are getting very good airplay around the world. All singles topped Poland iTunes Rock Top 100. “A Song” topped four times one of the UK indie Top 30 charts and “Sweeter” is currently a new entry in top 20. Band members, in the meantime, managed to record and produce songs for the 3rd and 4th album.

All songs are mixed at Abbey Road Studios and The Lip Studio in LA, while mastering is done at Metropolis Studios in London. Band members are four friends having great time doing music. They received a lot of positive reviews in Poland, UK, US, Germany, Brazil, Argentina, the Netherlands and other countries. Thera are numerous interviews with the band at music blogs and radio station websites including the one done over the phone with one of UK radio stations.

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