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SOLO is a project that ranges between genres: psychedelic rock leaves room for grunge, passing through indie pop, art rock, shoegaze, electronic music, fanfare, concrete music. The common thread between the songs is given by experimentation (in particular on sounds, thanks to a massive use of effects) and by the intolerance towards today’s society in which we live.

SOLO has so far released 4 singles: “Emotional (e)states” (binaural song composed with only sinusoidal oscillators, white noise generators and filters, inspired by Karlheinz Stockhausen’s elektronische musik, was premiered on It’s Psychedelic, Baby). “Don’t shoot the piano player (it’s all in your head)” (a song that has its roots in the English psychedelic rock of the second half of the 60s, was launched as an exclusive preview on Louder’s Prog).

“Something (you don’t need)” (a song that mixes dream pop, indie pop, dance and electronic music, launched as an exclusive preview on The grunge/punk song “Propaganda in my eyes, again (you’re erased)” (premiered on The Spill Magazine), and “Summer fading (late love song)” (which premiered on La Stampa).

SOLO is ready to release his first solo album, “The importance of words (songs of love, anti-capitalism and mental illness)”. SOLO is on radio rotation with the singles, “Summer fading (late love song)” and “Something (you don’t need)” ft. Nobody.



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