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Fronted by lead singer and producer Yann Gaslain, and music producer and pianist Rodrigo Pahlen, Soulcare is a Barcelona-based jazz band bringing original compositions that stands the test of time, is catchy, and offering an unforgettable musical odyssey that will be resonating into our heart and soul for a very long time ‘Alchime’ (Rodrigo Pahlen & Yann Gaslain) is the 5th original song by Soulcare and marks a cornerstone toward the finalization of the first album of original songs. It was recorded at Sol de Sants studio in Barcelona.

‘Alchimie’ is a ballad built over a modern tango jazz musical arrangement written by Rodrigo Pahlen. ‘Alchime’ is a very deep emotional and romantic Argentina tango Jazz, with a story that takes place in the romantic city of Paris . Magnificently interpreted by great Latin musicians that are all deeply part of Soulcare and where the sweet voice of Yann Gaslain come with its French emotional lyrics creating a unique soft romantic atmosphere into the mood of the Latin music arrangements.

It talks about the mysterious, magical and chemical moment of the first sight between two persons falling in love. It creates an incredible energy out of the “chemical” reaction that blows it all and moves the bodies into the magic that emerges from lovers when they dance a Tango on the quays of the Seine, a stone’s throw from Notre Dame Cathedral.

‘Alchimie’ is an invitation to dance, to love and to breathe life. This song could also be called “first tango in Paris” as it is an odd to a first tango dance that leads to the beauty of the first encounter and open up for a lifelong love.

Interpreted by Yann Gaslain on lead voice, Rodrigo Pahlen playing the Piano and Harmonica, Nico Correa on drums, Nino Restuccia on the bass, Andreu Zaragoza on the Guitar, Andrea Amandor Cello, Anna Arnal Viola, Gabriel Graells and Andrea Duca violins.

Thanks to Alberto Perez and his team at Sol de Sants studio, Patrick Petruchelli for mixing and mastering and Fran Echavarria and his team, Cami Castro from April Road Studio for filming, fotos and video editing. Studio sound engineer Alberto Perez, and Patrick Petruchelli (mixing amd mastering). Available on all streaming platforms!

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