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L.A. based indie rock singer Steven Sholes is finally living his elusive dream. Originally inspired by the folk-rock artists of the 1970’s and 80’s, he began writing songs early on as a musical diary, to express his private thoughts and emotions. But it would be a long and winding road before launching his music career. In college, Steven played in several garage bands, but the harsh reality of making it in the music business set in, and he chose a more traditional path in life, working in industry, and raising a family.

However, he never gave up his passion for music, or his interest in songwriting, singing and recording. He continued to compose songs in his bedroom over the years, honing his craft, and diversifying his musical style. And out of those sessions came some powerful and relatable songs that speak to us about love, loss, escape, and longing for a life less ordinary.

Although most of his music fits into the Melodic Rock and Alternative Rock genres, Steven also writes and performs introspective ballads. Some of his songs have been compared stylistically to Bon Jovi, 3 Doors Down, and Bryan Adams, but the diversity of his tracks makes him hard to typecast.

He likes to describe his catalog as a “smorgasborg of music.” In his debut album, The Wild Life, Steven Sholes takes you on a musical journey that will fill your mind, touch your heart and stir your soul. The album is a testament to the undying pursuit of a dream, and making the most out of second chances in life.

Steven Sholes is on radio rotation with the tracks “The Wild Life” and “One and Only”.

Hook up with Steven Sholes here:
Twitter: @TheStevenSholes

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