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Officially formed in 2012 – Technical Work is: Juan Carlos Gonzalez (Vocals), Julio Portillo (Guitar), Jorge Herrera(Guitar), Abraham Martinez (Bass) and Boris Roude (Drums). Through their own grinding and bone-crunching brand of AfroVenezuelan Metal, Technical Work has been laying down the ground-work to unleash their brand new Ep which is currently in the finishing stages.

Every now and then a somewhat unknown band will take an unexpected leap in artistic capacity and create something beautiful. Technical Work accomplished just this with some of the tracks from their upcoming EP. While using the predictable and familiar song structure which ensures their accessibility, one of their strengths lies in their ability to fully flesh out the songs with elaborate hard-hitting arrangements.

The band’s influence spectrum is vast, but this five-some probably listened to the influential greats and created their own bigger and better sound to become gods of their own rage-energetic realm. This sound is alive.

Technical Work is on radio rotation with the tracks – “Overturned” and “Blackout”


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