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Who Says One Artist Can’t Make A Global Difference? 
As an artist trying to communicate to the world, my goal is to make a difference, however small. That’s why my anthem is global and has two goals. First goal is to raise funds for under-served countries fighting the global pandemic, and all sales will go to the two top, global organizations that support those countries.

Second goal is to dedicate the song to, and inspire ALL world scientists in their efforts to provide “the globe” with a vaccine / cure to the pandemic. Some are getting close and they deserve a worldwide “shout out!” My global anthem is written from the heart, for the benefit of the globe, and that’s why the song starts with me asking the world to sing with me. I can only my voice as an artist can make a bit of a difference on these two levels, as I try to achieve both goals.

About Temperance Lancecouncil
Southern-born, American, Temperance Lancecouncil is a country-soul singer and songwriter. She’s been the entertainment field in various capacities and has a diverse set of credits on her resume. She says her singing style is no-frills, and nitty-gritty, just like real life.


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