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The Chosen Spirit is a new collaborative effort between singer/songwriter Pete Leah, bringing some indie/acoustic/classic rock influences infused with the more classical leanings from pianist Anna Perry…

“Time and tide they say…wait for no man…true enough…but with a bit of perseverance / blood / sweat and tears some of the dream starts to become reality…from humble beginnings clutching a tape player in the car listening to The Beatles…with the tinny hum just about beating the engine noise…via thousands of hours listening to eclectic tunes from every corner of the globe…plus a lot of practice…we get to a point where my material can hold its own…and as such is ready to be heard…

Through some chance meetings and a bit of serendipity I have started working with Anna P (a relationship that began with some busking in the street) and Ben Jennings ( guitarist with The Anteloids and general musical maestro)…my tunes have stepped up a notch…” – Pete Leah.

The Chosen Spirit is on radio rotation with the tracks, “Come on Home” and “She’s Shimmering”.


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