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The Journey with ToughKenaMan is not a band but a Father and Son going through the different stages of Dementia which is the inspiration behind Ken Jr’s song, “Your Smile”. Ken Jr has been slowly losing his Father to dementia but the one thing that has helped him cope with this, is his Father’s smile; which seems to be still there even though his Father no longer remembers his sons name or that he has a son.

They have a music video highlighting the mind crippling disease dementia. An estimated 50 million people worldwide have been diagnosed and this number is expected to double in the next 20 yrs. Dementia does more than just ruin the minds of those diagnosed but also devastates the lives of caregivers and entire families as well.

Here is a link to both the music video and the lyric video as well:

***A Special Thank You to the folks behind the scenes who have helped with bringing this project to life:
Music Recorded at Abstrack Recording Studio Recording Engineer: Jeff Mulligan
Cinematographer/Editor/Director: Reid Carrescia
Project Sponsor: Dementia Society of America


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