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The Kiefers is a 4 piece American WEED-THEMED Rock Band out of Michigan!  They are a comedy band that focuses on writing great and groovy tunes ALL ABOUT WEED!

Formed in the Fall of 2020, The Kiefers are getting ready to release their debut Christmas WEED album, “A Very Mary Jane Christmas”. EVERY SONG is an original groovy Christmas tune!

The Kiefers are here to make you laugh and have some fun! So sit back, light up a fatty and enjoy the groovy sounds of The Kiefers!

“JUST IN TIME FOR CHRISTMAS!” – The brand new original Christmas album by The Kiefers, is Available EXCLUSIVELY at for only $5 per album, or $1 per song.

The Kiefers are on radio rotation with the song, “Santa Brought Grandma A Bag Of Weed For Christmas”.

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