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Timmies is an artist who fulfils the roles of both musician and sound engineer in all of his musical releases. He embarked on his musical journey in 2017 and has since established an impressive catalogue. Notably, Timmies has collaborated with the renowned artist Shiloh Dynasty, whose samples can also be found in xxxtentacion‘s album “17.”

Nineteen95 commenced his musical career by releasing tracks in collaboration with Timmies, showcasing an adventurous exploration of various sounds. The artist has collaborated with notable individuals such as Why berry?, Ian Hopeless, Missu, and others. Currently, Nineteen95 skilfully combines elements of bedroom pop vocals and lo-fi ambient in his artistic endeavours.

“echoes” serves as the introductory single from the album “etern.” The track aims to capture the emotional journey of an individual upon awakening from a romantic dream, where a profound connection and intense emotions were experienced towards a complete stranger. It portrays the intense emotional aftermath that ensues when one realises that it was merely a dream, and the possibility of such feelings being realised in reality may remain elusive.

Comprising 12 tracks, the collaborative album “etern” by Timmies and Nineteen95 delves into poignant themes such as solitude, separation, yearning, heartbreak, and various other mental tribulations and experiences. The artists adeptly showcase their mastery of the bedroom pop genre, which has garnered them a dedicated audience of millions. Having previously released joint singles that resonated with listeners, some accumulating over 100 million streams, this album marks another milestone in their collaboration.

The album title, “etern,” derived from “eternal,” symbolises the artists’ unwavering commitment and dedication in creating this project, encompassing all facets of their artistic endeavours. Drawing inspiration from the European underground electronic scene, the production carries its influence. Despite the sombre and melancholic tones prevalent in the tracks, the artists infused moments of warmth, nostalgia, and a hopeful outlook for the future. This sentiment harmoniously aligns with the album’s title, as it embodies our collective aspiration for a brighter tomorrow.

Timmies x Nineteen95 are on radio rotation with the track “echoes”.

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