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In a studio perched high on a windswept hill, the kind of place where the trees hunker sideways and the ocean views stretch to Antarctica, a new Dunedin sound is brewing. If it weren’t for the four solid walls of Tomahawk Radio’s HQ, the melodic strains of guitar, vocal harmonies and Rhodes piano would be snatched away in the teeth of southerly gales. Tomahawk Radio’s sound is a mix from different international backgrounds. The current members are Jeff Avery (Vocals, guitars, keyboards) from Canada, Luis Rodriguez from Venezuela (Guitars, synths) and local South Islanders, Brian Graham (Vocals, Bass) and Scott J. Mason (Drums, percussion, vocals). Their debut album ‘Dreaming With A View’ is available on all streaming platforms and can be purchased at Bandcamp. Tomahawk Radio is on radio rotation with the track, “The Phone Rings”.


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