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Danish artist Tobias Floor releases his second single ‘Glasses’ shortly after his warm-up concert for pop star Dean Lewis at Royal Arena in Copenhagen. After releasing his debut single ‘Madly In Love’, back in September 2022 through Universal Music Denmark, the pop artist has been busy working on the follow-up to his debut single which has almost reached half a million streams on Spotify alone.

The new song, “Glasses,” is a powerful and emotional tribute to anyone who has ever been bullied. Drawing from his own experiences of being bullied for wearing glasses, Tobias sends a clear message to bullies that their hurtful behavior is wrong and that they never truly saw him for who he is. The song is a celebration of personal identity and the things that shape us throughout our lives.

” ‘Glasses’ is not just a love song, but a reminder of the importance of self-acceptance and the need to surround ourselves with people who accept us for who we are.” declares the talented young artist. With its powerful lyrics and emotional delivery, “Glasses” is a song that is sure to resonate with anyone who has ever felt different or struggled with insecurities.

Having signed to Universal, gained multiple high profile TV appearances and having a previous viral hit ‘Half A Man‘ (a cover of Dean Lewis caught the attention of the man himself, leading to Tobias getting to perform with Dean Lewis and warm up for Dean Lewis for 10 concerts worldwide), Tobias has been working on a lot of new music and is set to release a number of new songs during 2023 and play concerts across Denmark.

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